List Of The Best Home Wind Turbines

ome wind turbines are exactly what you think they are. These machines can convert powerful wind energy into clean, pollution-free power. But these home turbines can do it on a much smaller scale so that it can power your home or any part of it. Using these little turbines will certainly contribute to your monthly energy needs and maybe help you save some money. But the question is:

What is the ideal home wind turbine size?

Generally, you will need a turbine which can generate 5 kW to meet all the energy requirements of a house. But a turbine which can generate this much energy will be big. It will be at least 14 to 19 feet in diameter. But most importantly, it will have to be positioned in an area where there are strong winds that very often pass through. 

Best home wind turbines

Automaxx: 1500W, 24V, 60A Wind Turbine Generator kit

This turbine comes with an automatic braking procedure that protects the machine from sudden high speeds. Another advantage of this machine is that it can be used with solar panels. This Automaxx wind turbine also comes with maximum power point tracking. Made up of glass fiber and Polypropylene, with UV protection coating; it is durable and weather-resistant as well. 

Air 40: 12V Wind Turbine

This 12V home wind turbine comes with a microprocessor which aids in energy production. The machine can be suitably mounted on a pipe or tubing with a 48mm outside diameter. The machine is quiet and it won’t disturb your family. 

Ista Breeze: i-1000W, 48 Volt Wind Generator

The wind turbine has 5 blades which are 107 cm in length and is made out of plastic and glass fibers. The blades are stable and durable as well so you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged or breaking off. The turbine is coated with aluminum which keeps the generator cool. This wind turbine is also available in 1200W as well. 

GOWE: 3KW Wind Turbine Generator

This home wind turbine comes can produce 3KW power. It comes with a 3KW grid tie controller and a grid-tie inverter of 3KW. You can get it in voltages of 110V/220V and 50HZ/60HZ. 

IRONWALLS: 500W Wind Turbine Power Generator Kit

Its 5 blades are made with a copper inlay that prevents the machine from being damaged easily. The blades are also designed to ensure that they run smoothly and reliably in coordination with the rotor. You can also adjust the blades according to the wind direction as well. One of the major advantages is that the turbine can function in temperatures of -40°C to 80°C. Which means that it can work using cold winds and hot winds both. 

All these wind turbines are very effective if you generate energy for any activity. While these turbines cost between $1000 to $2000 but these will be useful for your everyday needs as well. Although it might take some time for you to recover that investment.