How to determine if wind energy would be practical for my household?

Wind energy is not only beneficial for you but also is towards the nation. It reduces your electricity costs without emitting any harmful pollutants like carbon dioxide to the environment. This eco-friendly form of energy is widely being used in today’s households. The mechanism which allows storing the excess electric energy in batteries has made the product even more hit. Home wind turbines consist of a rotor, alternator mounted on a frame, a tower, wiring, and batteries. They can be easily installed on the roof of your house or at a location near to your house. Most of the people wonder whether this would be beneficial for them. In this article, we would try to eradicate this doubt of yours.

Aspects to consider before you set up the wind turbine

Wind turbines are widely used commercially. However, it is quite commonly used in the household as well. The considerations that you should look out for the wind turbine to work efficiently are:

  • Check whether there is sufficient wind blowing in the area where you live. The intensity of the wind would regulate the amount of power generation.
  • Your house should be built on flat terrain and there are no tall obstacles nearby. The obstacles prevent the free flow of the wind.
  • Make sure that the high towers are allowed in the neighborhood where you stay. The permissions are very much essential.
  • You should have adequate space in and around your house. The installation of the product would require space.
  • You should be able to determine the amount of electricity required for your household daily. Then you can choose the best product which would produce the required amount for you.
  • The applications of your household should have grid-connection. That would allow you to interconnect it with the energy service provider.
  • Think if you are comfortable to make long-term investments.

How to select a cheap home wind turbine?

When you want to buy a wind home turbine for your household, choose the one that would suffice your needs. There are many inexpensive home turbines available in the market. Things you should consider while buying are:

Size – The size of the turbine depends on your daily energy use and the availability of wind in your residential area. If your house is at a prime location suitable for wind turbines, you do not have to invest in huge sized turbines.

Batteries – Check whether you need a battery or not. If you have an on-grid system connected to the utility you need not spend extra on batteries. The excess electricity produced by the turbine would get distributed elsewhere in the grid.

Power – Higher the power of the turbine, the higher is the price. If you have a nuclear family and do not need much electricity throughout the day, get a low powered wind turbine that would just be perfect for you and cheap.

Sealing the air leaks, turning down your thermostat to 7°-10° F for 8 hours a day and upgrading insulation are some of the other ways to which effectively reduces the energy waste of your home. A home wind turbine and these practices will surely make your home more energy competent.