Generation of wind energy at home-information you would not want to miss

We need to acknowledge the fact that natural resources are stuff that we lend from our future generations and not what we inherit from our ancestors. And since our realisation is a late one, we are in a tremendous hurry to search for newer and renewable sources of energy. And while we are at it, why not check out the information we will surely need to set up a domestic wind turbine powering our appliances.

  1. Wind energy-how to generate it at home:

Wind turbines work on one of the simplest of principles-conversion of wind’s kinetic energy into electrical energy. When the wind rotates the blades of the turbine, the axis connected to a generator rotates as well, producing direct current which then by the help of an inventor gets converted into alternating current which can then be used to power your home appliances.

  • Wind energy generation at home-how to:

If you are planning on setting up a wind turbine that will power your home appliances then let me warn you that it’s no piece of cake and the following especially Should be kept in mind:

  • Wind availability in the area where you want the turbine to be installed
  • Zoning requirements in the area
  • Investment procedures and expenditure and incentives of installing a wind system in your area
  • If you have already taken the above points into account, it brings us to the next part of focusing on other issues dealing with the same:
  • Finding a suitable location for siting the wind system
  • Choosing the correct size of the turbine along with the tower and everything. You need to estimate the yearly output of the system as well.
  • Deciding if you want to connect the wind system to the electric grid 
  • And if you are planning on setting up the system all on your own, it’s important that you first educate yourself about the topics associated with it such as:
  1.     What is Alternating current and Direct current?
  2.     Do I have proper apparatus to set up the tower safely and properly?
  3.    Do I know enough about the electric wiring in my house to connect the turbine with my home appliances?
  4.    If you are not confident about any of those above points, it’s a better option to assign or hire people to install the system after which its all yours for use. 

And if you take into consideration all of the discussed points, setting and installing the wind system as prescribes above, then a small wind turbine system can last up to about 20 years.

  • Home wind energy generation-costs: 

No matter how endearing the project sounds, the cost viability is always an important aspect of it. Usually, it so happens that depending on the height of the tower, size if the system and all in all the equipment that you buy, the cost of installing the system with vary. Most houses install wind turbines for domestic use with a power of about 5-15 kW, which means they need to pay around $15000 to $75000 on the small wind turbine systems.

To conclude, it’s never too late to start redeeming a mistake, especially if it deals with the lives of our future generations. However, one must one rush through things before they gain proper knowledge and educate themselves about the pros and cons of the concerned project at hand.