Features of a perfect home wind turbine that would be best for you

Home wind turbines are very much popular these days. These electric generators that convert wind energy into clean power are eco-friendly and are preferred by many. The wind farms are built to generate power to certain towns and communities, however, in recent times; it is used in domestic households as well. The new generation turbines are quite versatile and are a modular source of electricity. The blades of the turbines are designed to capture maximum energy from the wind and produce emission-free power. Today we are going to describe certain characteristics that exist in an ideal home wind turbine.

Features of a perfect home wind turbine

The basic features of an ideal home wind turbine are:  

  • Home wind turbines regardless of its category should have 2-3 blades. Larger blades are comparatively more efficient. You should compare the blade’s length among the generators of the same power. The same power generator with varied sizes of blades will work differently. Generally, the turbines with large blades are expensive than the shorter ones. However, even if it is costly it would be more productive and will last long. Whenever you are checking out turbines to buy, always focus on the size of the blades. 
  • The head of the home wind turbine is called a Nacelle. The size of the turbine depends solely upon the power rating of the Nacelle. The rating is done on kW and the home turbines rarely exceed 100 kW. This is sufficient for a small household. While buying a home wind turbine do check the power of the Nacelle. Alternatively, you can also decide the size of the turbine as per space in your home and check the power rating that suffices your needs. A high power Nacelle would be much productive.
  • The tower of the turbine is generally made of steel. It is advisable to check the quality of the make for better durability. There are two types of towers and they are lattice and tubular. The powers of both types of towers start from 30kW. The installation of the tower requires a large crane. A hydraulic-tilt tower is easy to maintain and an excavator required to install it. Ideally, towers generally range from 18 to 36 meters high. More the height, the better it is. Check the size and the type of tower before buying it.

The utility of home wind turbine battery

Batteries are an essential requirement of the turbines. Batteries are required to store the excess power generated. This extra power can be used when the wind is calm. A charge controller is also important to restrict the batteries from overcharging. The batteries should be kept in an isolated location far from the electronic gadgets and the living areas for safety as they contain explosive substances. Get a durable battery and be efficient in storing the power so that it proves to be useful.

You wouldn’t be buying a home wind turbine every day as a huge cost is levied to it. Therefore, when you buy one do not forget to check the features properly and make the best choice.