An overview of the home wind turbine and utilization of wind energy

Home wind turbines have become quite popular lately. They utilize the power of the wind to produce electricity in an eco-friendly way. The large blades of the wind turbine get hold of the wind when it blows and the turbine then generates electricity. The stronger the wind blows, the more amount of electricity is produced. The wind turbines are a cost-effective home-based energy system that lowers your electricity to a great extent. They require maintenance checks every few years and it would last more than 20 years if properly taken care of. Today in this article we would tell you more about the home wind turbines.

Steps for home wind turbine DIY for utilizing wind energy

A wind turbine is a simple mechanical device that can be built with available materials at the local hardware store. Things you should focus on are:

  • Determine the speed of the wind of the locality – Most of the wind turbines works best at a wind speed of 12 – 20 miles per hour. Get a wind measuring tool and analyze the speed. If the wind speed is consistent in your area, then you are good to go.
  • Learn the rules related to wind turbines – Building codes vary from one locality to the other. You should inquire with the local Government to confirm that your turbine doesn’t violate the codes. Check on the limitations imposed by local ordinances if there are any.
  • Choose DIY wind blade – The kind of blades that you would configure for your turbine may affect the design of the turbine. The blades should be perfect in size and should be pitched with proficiency for your turbine to perform well.

Basic parts of home wind turbines

Wind Turbine – The home turbines can be divided into two groups; horizontal and vertical axis. The horizon-axis wind turbine is more popular amongst the two. The turbines have typically 2 or 3 blades that are made up of fiberglass. The vertical axis wind turbine is again segregated into two types; Savonius and Darrieus. While Darrieus turbines look more like an egg beater and consist of vertical blades, Savonius turbines are recognized by their ‘S’ shaped designed. 

Tower – The turbine is generally mounted on a tower because the speed of the wind increases with height. The altitude at which the turbine is mounted determines the amount of power that it would be able to produce. Studies say that an investment in increased tower height can give high rates of returns. The tower raises the turbine above the air turbulence that occurs due to the obstruction of trees, buildings, and hills. 

Batteries – Batteries are required to store the excess generated power so that it can be used when the wind is calm. A charge controller is also required to prevent the batteries from overcharging. Deep-cycle batteries are best suitable for sustainable energy systems. To maintain safety in the household, the batteries should be placed in an isolated location away from the other electrical gadgets and living areas as they contain corrosive substances in it. 

Whenever you want to buy a wind turbine for your home, this article would give you a deeper insight into the product. You should be able to make the best decision, therefore.