All you need to know about Domestic wind turbines

We must remember that natural resources are not what we inherit from our Forefathers, but what we lend from our Future generations. We, however, realised this after a long Time-only when we had already used up quite a lot of the nonrenewable resources. But its never too late too start something, and hence mankind embarked on the journey to search for alternative energy resources, that are renewable as well. One such resource is Wind. We started late but were excellent learners and hence here we are discussing how we can use this resource even in our own houses For domestic purposes.

  1. Domestic wind turbines-what are they:

Wind turbines, manufactured in a wide range of the horizontal and vertical axis, are devices that convert wind’s kinetic energy into electrical energy. When used for domestic purposes in our houses, they are referred to as domestic wind turbines that can be broadly divided into two types-pole mounted and building-mounted,both of which can be installed in our houses.

  • Domestic wind turbines-how do they work:

Despite such humongous outlooks, wind turbines work on a simple principle that when the wind speed is enough to rotate the blades of the turbine, the axis that is connected to a generator, rotates as well. Now, this generator produces a direct current that in turn is converted by an inverter into am alternating current and hence can be used to power the appliances in your home.

Advantages of a home wind turbine:

  • A clean source of fuel: As stated earlier, we understood the importance of nature and its natural resources-late, yes, but we did. To implement that thought, the alternative resources that we are now searching for must be eco-friendly and form a clean source of energy. The wind energy does not produce any harmful gases or chemicals in the process of producing power that may degrade nature further such as acid rain, etc.
  • It’s a renewable source of energy: We all know that wind is a result of unequal heating of land surfaces and nothing but the sun is responsible for the heating of the Earth’s surface. The sun has been there since time immemorial and will be there for eternity making wind for eternity as well-making it a renewable and everlasting source of energy.
  • Cost-effective: Wind energy being a natural phenomenon does not require any manufacturing cost and hence is free for use. Also, wind energy technologies are one of the cheapest renewable technologies in the market today, depending of course on the wind resource.

Disadvantages of home wind turbines:

  • Based on the availability of wind: One of the major drawbacks for this otherwise worthy resource of energy is that it’s solely based on the availability of wind-and that too of a certain speed. For places that suffer from fluctuation in their wind speeds, wind turbines are a big no-no as it will cause more inconvenience and a wrong investment with the machines being used sometimes and not being used the other times.
  • Noise pollution: A single wind turbine can be heard from a distance of hundred meters and hence will cause a lot of noise pollution, especially if set up for domestic purposes that will have to be near the house. Moreover, if for some people, it’s a great new resource for others, it looks like a blot on the landscape with its gigantic size and disrupts the aesthetics of the landscape as well. 
  • The threat to wildlife: Every year many birds lose their lives to the gigantic blades of these humongous wind turbines. However, there are other more harmful technologies of man such a telephone masts that are responsible for yet more numbers of such innocent deaths.

To conclude, with proper initiation, installing and maintaining wind turbines at homes won’t be a matter of much concern-rather would pave a way for you to exploit neither your pocket nor nature. That way, you kill two birds with one stone.