Advantages and disadvantages of a home wind turbine

Using wind energy to generate power is an eco-friendly way to cut on the electricity bills. This is where the home wind turbines come to use. Several people are opting for wind turbines for residential houses. A good amount of space, a windy location, and high investment are required for it. If you are aware of how much power you require, you can get a home wind turbine placed that would suffice your needs. It would lower the monthly power bill significantly. We are going to reveal the advantages and disadvantages of the homely turbines.

Advantages of a wind turbine

  • An eco-friendly and clean source of fuel – Where a power plant relies on the combustion of fossil fuel, it causes too much pollution for our environment. The wind energy produced by the wind turbine does not create any atmospheric emissions, which will cause acid rain. It also doesn’t emit any unhealthy gases like methane or carbon dioxide. It doesn’t contribute to air pollution, which hurts earth and keeps up the quality of the air we breathe.
  • It is sustainable and renewable – Wind is caused by the unequal heating of the earth’s surface by the sun and the rotation of the earth. As long the sun will shine, the wind will continue to spin in our atmosphere and that is going to happen till eternity. Therefore, wind energy will never run out like the reserves of fossil fuel. Wind energy is considered a renewable and reliable source of energy.
  • Cost-effective – When you use a home wind turbine to convert wind energy to power, it doesn’t cost you anything because the wind is free. There is not a market of demand and supply for wind energy; hence it can be used by everyone without the fear of market rates. It is said to be one of the economical renewable technologies available today. 
  • Easy installation – The home wind turbine is very easy to install and maintain. It can be built on existing ranches where there is sufficient wind. The turbine uses only a fraction of the total land and doesn’t cause any problem to the nearby farms. You can get it installed by professionals and can save on your electricity bills easily. The maintenance cost is also not very high.

The disadvantages

  • The fluctuation of wind – Where there is an adequate supply of free-flowing wind, that place is considered to be a good wind site for installing wind turbines. The wind is not constant energy, because it doesn’t always keep blowing and this is a drawback. This can be a serious problem for those who have invested to install for their domestic use. 
  • Noise pollution – Many of the home wind turbines are noisy. It can be heard from a faraway distance also and that may disturb the neighbors. 
  • The threat to wildlife – Many birds get killed every year by flying into the spinning turbine blades. There has been little technological development to reduce this issue.

With proper installation and maintenance, a home wind energy provider should last for about 20 years. By installing a home wind turbine you are not only helping your pocket but also saving Mother Nature from pollution.